Jsmsr Planning Important Notice!

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June 2022
Riyi.xyz All businesses within this domain name will face discontinuation/transfer

The following items are included

fire.riyi.xyz cdn.jioushan.top {Original CDN Storage) has been transferred

www.riyi.xyz to *Pending* {Advertisement index.}

music.riyi.xyz Transfer *Pending* {music music unlocked

image.riyi.xyz Transfer to image.jsmsr.com {Picture Jump.)

photo.riyi.xyz Transfer photo.jsmsr. com {Open Picture Bed to Privatization Picture Bed

fast.riyi.xyz Migrated cdn2.jsmsr.com {is hosted in a third-party store.)

The following businesses will be completely closed at 17:00 Beijing time

netease.riyi.xyz Stop {NetEase Cloud Interface.<

music.jioushan.top Stop {NetEase Cloud Music Third Party) that relies on netease cloud interface

Please use the International music.jsmsr.com

cdn.riyi.xyz Stop the backup image on the server overseas

If you are still requesting our services, please transfer to a new domain.

If the service you are using has stopped, please contact us by email.