Shut down the service

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After research and data collation, we decided to close the original bed

Based on 1. cost problems 2. commercial companies vicious use

Use our option to replace the original bed with a new one

Both original

And we will not adopt the original open source graph bed framework. Choose to use a private bucket!

"We have determined that chevereto's framework has certain vulnerabilities and is being used viciously by commercial companies, and we have explained this issue to the other party through correspondence, and there have been repeated upload problems that should not have occurred. We will decide to close this service here!"

If you have customers who choose our services, please contact [email protected] we will open a new graph bed for you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing us Jsmsr

At that time, we will download the original image to the new domain name! Please note. Due to the framework change. We're adopting a new way of storing. So our storage links will change!

Past images we will centrally back up in GitHub buckets

New image access methods, we will provide through the following link, if there are users who rely on the original pictures, please change the image access method in time!


For backups, see this link