Black Holes

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I don't know when, most hate people attack me, . Tell me how to do it. Never listen to me explain, sometimes it's not me who is self-righteous. It's the people who hurt me. so that I no longer have any expectations of them. From strange feeling disgust to alienating strangeness. Maybe I don't have to go through it for the sake of the vulgar.   But hold, say I snoring this thing I have to write down their feelings, and their dissatisfaction. It's even necessary that I don't mind coming up with a scientific explanation of the reasons for snoring.   What's it like to attack me with someone else?   Or who can't sleep? dead person?   I'm just angry, I grew up and changed my roommates a couple of times, I can't snore myself. In fact, the sadder thing is that the person you care about won't help you, or even say me.   Think about it and don't sleep. Although sleeping is the only comfort I can have with him. Although more is uncomfortable. Neither of them is feeling well. Why continue to torture each other? But I have to make up a good article about why people snore when they sleep.   And I'm angry with myself, and I don't deny that I sleep and snore. But I would have slept lightly. Smear me for being realistic. How many times did I wake up in the middle of the night? I've been snoring since I was young you let a patient with rhinitis sleep and not breathe? Silent? You're kidding? Where's that bed, where's that pillow? I'm pressing my neck? Severe breathing friction is sure to make a noise. I can't sleep because my own nose is not good, I can't sleep hard, I don't know?   Fortunately, it's a classmate. Not a roommate. And I hope that's all.   Did I spit on him? The curtains were so dark all day? See the light dead? The whole bedroom was black-pressed. The day is still the same. It's cloudy, no sunshine. Dirty?   It's really unnecessary to find yourself guilty of this sin. want to open. why. Get me out of there. I'd rather ask for it. Don't hurt the feelings of classmates, it's not worth it.   Of course it's not funny to hurt me with someone else. Who see who's not in the heart of their own heart has a number.